In 2003 I bought my first Siberian Husky. In 2007 we started racing and now I invite you to join us on our journey in Arctic Lapland Kiruna.

What once was nothing more than a dream is now a reality. This year we will be inviting guests worldwide to engage with our sleddogs and share inspiring, heart-touching moments in Europe's last wilderness.

Situated a short drive outside Kiruna in Altajärvi we avoid the most tourist populated areas. It is here at Snowdog Kennels you will meet an amazing bunch of huskies and maybe some puppies if you are lucky.

Dog sledding with these sleddogs is an exhilarating experience. We will take you on husky tours over frozen lakes, swamps and through beautiful forests, trees sparkling with snow and ice. Sometimes it will be very cold around -40°C. But don't worry, we will wrap you up nice and warm regardless.