Dog Sledding in Lapland

06 Nov 2016

This is a guest post written by Yana Reznik.

My husband and I are originally from Russia and have grown up with the snow. My favorite fairytale was The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. The books were filled with magical pictures of the Queen riding her snow horses through the white wonderland. I have always dreamt of visiting her castle and rushing through the magic with her. We live in Chicago now and even though the magic of the beautiful buildings is somewhat enchanting, we craved for a Winter Wonderland experience for our New Year celebration of 2016.

We discovered Camp Alta near Kiruna, Sweden, in hopes of satisfying our snow cravings. We surely were shocked to see that our dreams came true the moment we landed in Kiruna. We were surrounded with magic and record low temperatures of -20C on our first day. It only got lower during our 5 day stay, getting to -40C. We surely thought that we would be locked up in our cabin with nothing to do. Oh, were we wrong! The activities at Camp Alta were endless and all were made possible by most amazing hosts. They were prepared with super outfits for the worst temperatures and made our stay the most unforgettable vacation ever!

When we met Craig at Snowdog, we were so impressed with how he treated his dogs. They were truly his friends. It was amazing to be able to get to know each one of them by name and see how much they loved to be taken for runs. They literally started squealing of happiness when they saw that Craig was getting ready for a trip. I didn't even think that we could ride the dog sled ourselves, but we did and it was most magnificent. Running fast speed through most beautiful Lapland, and being carried by excited sled dogs was mind blowing. On our return, a delicious lunch was waiting for us, but not just in the cabin, inside the tipi, warming up next to a meditative fire, sitting on the deer skins and devouring most delicious salmon soup and bread. My husband and I were able to have a tour guide all to ourselves which added an extra special feeling to the experience. Every day I crave for that place, to experience it again. Dog sledding in Lapland was the same as in the fairy tale books.