Sled Dog Training Kiruna Fall 2018

31 Aug 2018

As the temperatures begin to drop under Zero C, once again we prepare ourselves and our Huskies for the coming of the cold, darkness and extreme fun of Dog Sledding. Peter, Jos and myself decide to run with only 12 dogs, give us time to step back up into working mode. The first little team of eager Huskies we ran with were Brazen and Taxi (both Siberian Huskies) in lead, Brazen will be 12 years old soon and it never fails to amaze me that she just keeps going. The rest of the team are Alaskan Huskies, Maude & Porsche followed by Rocky M & Cheeco, Then Bunny (sister to Maude) and Una (my first Alaskan Husky and mother to Maude & Bunny)! Then we have Dr. Speckle, his sis Charlie “Hong-Kong Fuey” Chopstix and finally Järvi (sister to Una) and his little boy J. Rambo brother to Rocky M. Just to sew all this up Porsche is sister to Rocky & Rambo, Dr. Speckle is brother to Cheeco & Charlie and Brazen’s sister was Taxi’s mother. Wheeeeeewww.... Did you get that. In short one little happy family that as all families do, sometimes have their disagreements.

Training Sled Dogs can sometimes be a challenge and often demanding but rewarding work. This time was no exception, particularly at the beginning of the season when the dogs are full of power and just want to go full throttle, however we, with some difficulty at times, try and harness their exceptional zeal to run. This particular run was nice and and we all found it very satisfying to get back on the trail again. We have quite a few young dogs, so we anticipate that it is going to prove much fun coupled with a few dummy runs to achieve everybody working in harmony, including ourselves. Over the next few days we plan to train two teams at once, a 14 dog team and a 10 dog team. I hope to post some footage of this, if possible as we might all have our hands full, so to speak.

Dog Sledding in Kiruna, Sweden has over the last 20 years become one of the main reasons people visit Lapland. This is a wonderful place both summer and winter, but for us the winter is most enjoyable. We offer a variety of superb activities from Dog Sledding to Northern Light Spotting, sight seeing Helicopter trips and multi day packages. We all have a real passion for what we do and our No.1 purpose is the care and well being of our animals, who are all very friendly and keen to meet you.

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And most of all, thank you to the dogs.